Largely self-taught, Paul Hession’s drumming was refined over the years, and he is known internationally for playing with many of the leading figures of the jazz and improv scenes. Hession belongs to the ‘second wave’ of British improvised music, and has continued the work of expanding the drum kit as an improvisational tool. He is currently undertaking a PhD in combining analogue and digital electronics with acoustic percussion.

Dave Kane is a self-taught virtuoso of the double bass and has performed and recorded internationally at many established jazz festivals. Currently based in Leeds, Kane is a founder of L.I.M.A. (Leeds Improvised Music Association) and is the manic driving force, musical director and composer for the L.I.M.A orchestra, a large jazz ensemble featuring some the UK’s finest young musicians. He is also a member of the internationally acclaimed trio BDK, with pianist Matthew Bourne and drummer Steve Davis.

Petter Frost Fadnes spent his formative years in the UK, resettling in Norway in 2008 still under the influence of British improvised music. He is known for utilizing the (seemingly) full range of sound-possibilities on his alto and baritone, incorporating everything from the jazz canon to abstract noise in his improvisational approaches. He is a regular member of the Stavanger-based Kitchen Orchestra and Anglo/Norwegian trios Brink and The Geordie Approach to name but a few. He completed his PhD in improvised music at University of Leeds in 2004, and is now Associate Professor in jazz at The Department of Music and Dance, University of Stavanger.

Christophe de Bézenac is a French saxophonist, composer, researcher and educator based in the UK. He has been actively involved in the UK and European jazz scenes through projects such as trioVD and the LIMA collective. His work in human-computer interaction has also led to multiple multimedia/audiovisual art installations. He completed his PhD in performance at University of Leeds in 2007, and recently finished a second PhD in clinical psychology/neuroscience at University of Liverpool.